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Two miles high in May - how was the snow?

Alagna Valsesia, Piemonte, Italy.

Two miles high and powder in May! This month marks the end of my snowboard season, and what an incredible season it has been. We got some good snow up high during April and May in particular. ​I posted one picture from May on my social media which was in Alagna Valsesia. Several of Europe's highest peaks are near there directly above me. As far as the season went, March was really good in places as well. February was hit and miss - January was solid, and December was quite good early too. Anyways.

I'll try and share a few recent stories and reflections on here over the coming weeks. These memories stick with you in the oddest of ways, even when you're far from the places that shaped them. Call it a lingering melody of wonder and awe. I suppose waiting to stoke that fire again only feeds the addiction further :). I've included some pictures from my season below...more to come.

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