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Highlights of 2016-17: A year to remember?

It’s been a wonderful year so far, so I wanted to share some of the fun highlights and memorable moments from the journey! These are some of my favorite finishes and technical displays in the ring from the past twelve months. It's definitely MMA heavy as that is where much of my time has been spent recently. The video is is in my gallery and a link is at the bottom of this page. To the athletes – to get behind the mic and help share your stories and performances with the world is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been able to take part in. I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities, experiences, lessons, insights, growth and inspiration along the way from you all. To all the promotions, the production teams and staff, my broadcast partners and co commentators, and of course all the competitors win or lose – you are all amazing. None of this would be possible without you. Martial arts is a platform unlike any other in life - to take part in showing the world why is truly one of the greatest honors any individual could hope for. Hope you all enjoy the video! Like it? Share with a friend who might too. Or perhaps someone who would enjoy more evidence in the boxing vs MMA debate ; ) . (I'm a huge fan of both sports - the Mayweather - Mac fight is doing lots to push both forward in my opinion. Watch out for next week's article for more on that.) Until then, Chris Video link here

That look when it's time for a heavyweight world title fight :).

That look when it's time for a heavyweight world title fight! There were many showstopping scenes this year, but this was right before one of the craziest. Watch out for how the bout went down - it only lasted sixteen seconds and the finish is at 2:11 seconds of the video.

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