Chris Hoekstra's resume includes these shows:

He has also appeared on leading internet mediums such as: 
UFC Fight Pass, UNILAD, Sport Bible, FITE, FloGrappling, and DAZN.

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Including the above promotions and productions, Chris has been featured on:
ESPN, Spike TV, Setanta, FOX Sports, PolSat, SciFi Channel, Sky, Box Nation, Channel 5, Dave, ITV, Eurosport, Extreme Sports Channel, Fight Network,  Band Sports, Esporte Interativo, CBS Sports, ABS-CBN, MTV, BT Sport, and Abu Dhabi Sports, among many other channels.

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Key Experience:
* Worked as an analyst, presenter, color, and play-by-play commentator for a variety of leading combat sports promotions

* Voiced live broadcasts for network TV, pay-per-view, and online stream

* Produced pre-fight breakdowns and recorded voiceovers

* Conducted pre and post-fight interviews

* Wrote scripts, created content, and collaborated on production elements across a variety of projects