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Website Launch: Why pack your snowboards in August?

Well it’s finally here! My new website is finally live and I am in the process of launching everything. It’s been a busy summer with multiple new projects and plenty of travel, but I hope you all enjoy. I am really excited to share some new experiences and further adventures in the following months with this new platform. In the meantime, have a look around and let me know what you think. I am putting up my new social media accounts and will be updating all of these over the next few weeks. They are linked on the top bar of this website. I’ll also be getting my snowboarding gear ready soon. September means that is OK right? I think the lady at American Airlines check in thought it was strange when I handed her a board bag coming back from the USA this month. I told her it was OK because the boards say "Never Summer" on them. In any case, I am already excited to get into the mountains again this year. I keep pictures handy to remind me of all the fun times this past season. I could stand in a desert and or in a city subway and think about snowboarding. Even in the smoldering heat, I could ponder shredding the features of any given space. If only we could add a bit of the fluffy stuff! I truly think riding is one of the most amazing things to spend your time doing. The snow was really good this year, so there was hardly any freestyle and park time. I've included a few pictures below that make me look back on some of the days this past season and smile, knowing there will be more like them soon to come. A guy can dream, right? I find snowboarding is one of the ultimate feelings of engagement with one's surroundings. One of the best physical and mental feelings of time, place, and setting. The mountains have a way of emotionally capturing you, and I love the creativity and challenges of the board as a tool. Similar to why I fell in love with training martial arts I suppose. Not to mention you can travel, socialize, exercise, and be in nature too. Anyways. Watch out for my Mayweather – MacGregor fight analysis dropping on Friday next week. I really enjoyed breaking down the contest. If you haven't read my first breakdown, you can do that here in the meantime. Wishing everyone a great start to Fall, and depending where you are at, the end of Winter : ). All the best, Chris

Hiking on the border of France and Austria in the Alps.

Glacier action in Austria with blue skies.

This is the top of the Glacier in the above picture!

Hiking lines in Utah - lots of powder with the very beautiful Great Salt Lake looming in the background!

Sun, bowls, and trees with natural features in Colorado. The ultimate playground with endless places to drop in.

More hiking in Italy. One of my favorite locations in a place they call "The Milky Way."

Late afternoon in Italy - time for one more run... (Best to call three and skip the last two :).


So much powder in Italy the cars were being buried. But we were having fun.

We were going to heli as the conditions were awesome. But then we realized hiking within the resort was easy enough to get fresh lines, so what was the point?

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