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"Chris Hoekstra knows how to talk martial arts better than most.
Since he's joined, we haven't looked back."
"One of the best in the UK hands down.
 Among the top broadcasters in the world
in his field without a doubt."
"Versatile, intelligent, articulate, 
 entertaining, energetic - and  above all extremely professional."
"Adds that extra special touch
 and feel to the production.
 Pure dynamite!" 
"Absolutely spectacular.
Chris is one of the premier commentators in Europe."
"He has a unique understanding of
 the game - and more importantly - 
 can communicate that expertise in a 
 precise and engaging style."
This is what some of the leading British, European, and global organizations have said about his work. Chris Hoekstra's resume includes these shows:

He has also appeared on leading internet mediums such as: 
UFC Fight Pass, UNILAD, Sport Bible, FITE, FloGrappling, and DAZN.

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Including the above promotions and productions, Chris has been featured on:
ESPN, Spike TV, Setanta, FOX Sports, PolSat, SciFi Channel, Sky, Box Nation, Channel 5, Dave, ITV, Eurosport, Extreme Sports Channel, Fight Network,  Band Sports, Esporte Interativo, CBS Sports, ABS-CBN, MTV, BT Sport, and Abu Dhabi Sports, among many other channels.

Want to watch and listen?

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Key Experience:
* Worked as an analyst, presenter, color, and play-by-play commentator for a variety of leading combat sports promotions

* Voiced live broadcasts for network TV, pay-per-view, and online stream

* Produced pre-fight breakdowns and recorded voiceovers

* Conducted pre and post-fight interviews

* Wrote scripts, created content, and collaborated on production elements across a variety of projects

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