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A historian and Academic


Chris has spent much of his professional life as a teacher and educator. He has experience at both the secondary and university level. A former head of department, Chris still teaches although is currently focused on writing. He is based at University College London.

Currently, Chris is finishing his work on the Vietnam War. He is completing his research at the UCL Institute of the Americas, a leading multidisciplinary institution for the study of Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean and Canada.

Chris has also been involved with a variety of academic organizations where he has participated in events including seminars, talks, conferences, and debates. 

Waiting for undergraduates to arrive before lecture


Participating in an academic debate at Westminster, London

Interested in learning more about Chris' academic work?

Read his PhD synopsis 

Leading a class tour at Dover Castle for coursework

Chairing a panel presentation at the annual School of Slavonic and East European Studies Conference
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