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Four great reasons to have
Chris Hoekstra on your team:


"As a broadcast announcer I have excellent knowledge about combat sports. I understand the rules, techniques, potential strategies, judging, history, and culture of many different styles.

I work to expand my knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines by continually studying them. I have also trained and competed too!

This makes me a very capable analyst and color commentator as well as play by 
play announcer and host. 

My lifetime dedication to learning about martial arts combined with my ability to communicate this knowledge in an engaging manner will make 
a significant impact on your event."


"My experience ranks among the best of any martial arts broadcaster in the world and my resume speaks for itself: TV appearances in 140+ countries.

I've called MMA, BJJ, K-1 Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Sanshou, Full Contact Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing, and various forms of submission grappling. I'd 
love to do Tai Kwan Do some day, Judo, or even Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling.

Please read my bio or broadcast career page.

With my track record and consistency, know that

I can provide top tier, broadcast quality work that will resonate with your audience."



"I can provide a range of approaches, which span from high energy to a more smooth and tranquil delivery. I can fill multiple roles such as doing interviews and tracking voiceovers.

To be successful I believe that it is essential to listen and use a bespoke approach. This means taking on direction and feedback as a talent to meet the goals of a production.

I hope my attention to detail and ability to adjust to new situations can be a resource for your production's success."

"As a commentator I have been very fortunate to work with wonderful producers, directors and

co-commentators for a variety of organizations. No two job roles are the same.

My versatility includes working as play by play commentator, conducting post fight interviews, ring announcing, and often serving as a pure color analyst. I also frequently record voiceovers and provide a bit of production assistance too.

With a wide range of experience, I have the

ability to fulfill a variety of production needs. My goal is to always offer a broad spectrum of value to a production."

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